Hearfones; are they beneficial for your vocal technique?

In my view, Hearfones are expensive, fragile and uncomfortable, but they may help you care for and improve your voice. Do I recommend you buy them? Not at their current price. However, what they are designed to do can be easily copied with your hands and the subsequent practice should improve ...

How to stop speaking with a lisp

One of the most common issues clients bring to me is speaking with a lisp. Here are a few suggestions on how to first identify why you lisp and then how to stop doing it. Types of lisp: A lisp is often caused by incorrect tongue placement. Clients with a lisp usually place their tongue<a ...

Poor voice types and how to fix them – part 4

Breaking into random fits of choking or speaking only from one side of your mouth?

Poor voice types and how to fix them – part 3

From everyday speech causing you pain to nasal speaking, part three delves deeper into poor speech habits and how to fix them.

Poor voice types and how to fix them – part 2

From mumbling words to quiet speech; poor voice types and how to fix them by Richard Di Britannia

Poor voice types and how to fix them – part 1

In this post we will look at some of the common types of poor voice and how to remedy them. It is important to note that even if you identify with having many of these maladies, they can all be unlearned. Your voice is a muscle. It can be trained, strengthened and your subconscious can<a ...

How to reinvent yourself during a crisis:

Today I see yet more social media posts and news articles concerning redundancies and unemployment figures happening in the hundreds of thousands and people expressing how they are unsure in reinventing themselves in a crisis. As someone who has experienced both events (starting off as an ...

Protected: What voice actors can learn from Sean Bean

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Why Skype Voice Coaching is here to stay.

Before the lock-down, face-to-face coaching was preferred for many businesses and clients. I’ve known coaches who insisted that teaching remotely simply wasn’t possible! However, this isn’t the case and here’s why voice and speech coaching through Skype is hear to stay. ...

Covid-19 Voice Over

Your company needs a professional voice over to get the message across during lock-down. Without it, it could cost you a fortune. Coronavirus, it’s hear to stay, at least, that’s what they say. Failure to quarantine early and the ease of global travel has led to a world-wide ...

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