Covid-19 Voice Over

Your company needs a professional voice over to get the message across during lock-down. Without it, it could cost you a fortune.

Coronavirus, it’s hear to stay, at least, that’s what they say. Failure to quarantine early and the ease of global travel has led to a world-wide lock-down, deaths in the tens of thousands and millions out of work putting entire industries on their knees. It’s times like these where we need to pull together to ensure if you have a message, it reaches the right person, fast.

Except, getting the right message across to thousands of employees via remote video conferencing isn’t just hard, sometimes it’s impossible. Whereas a company could once call staff into a physical meeting they are now reliant upon emails or managers relaying the information remotely. Unfortunately, few managers have experience delivering a talk to a webcamera. More often than not, they also have a poor microphone which could lead to the message being misunderstood.

With people working remotely, office culture can vanish almost overnight. Whereas people would be briefed on the weekly goals, targets or sales pitches, these meetings have shifted to zoom and video conferencing. Worse yet, even if managers do manage to pass on the message it could be interrupted by buffering internet speeds or even ignored if the listener is working on other things. To avoid this, an affordable voiceover outlining the exact information your staff need should be considered. It’s far cheaper than the alternative of not getting the message across in the first place.

If your company needs a professional e-learning or corporate voice over, it’s far cheaper than you may think and certainly more affordable than the potential lost profits involved in rectifying a misunderstood corporate message. Richard Di Britannia is available to record from his broadcast quality home studio, seven days a week.

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