What is Voice Over?

Voice over, also known as voice acting, is more than just reading a script to video.

Ever noticed how when most people are put before a microphone they act like an announcer and lose that conversational, natural voice? There’s no known reason why people do this but perhaps they are just putting on a social mask and acting as they expect they should, rather than just being themselves. Most people also dislike the sound of their own voice, as they’ve never really heard it without listening to it being played back through a set of expensive stereo monitors. Furthermore, it’s hard to read someone else’s words like your own, but that’s why you hire a professional voiceover like Richard Di Britannia who has spent years practicing to read a script in a natural, fluent manner. He makes your words his.

Voiceover was thought to have originated in around 1900 with Reginald Fessenden, a Canadian inventor. However, voiceover has existed in South and East Asian theatre for hundreds of years, although not with an electronic microphone. ‘Shadow Puppet’ plays often had a solemn or humorous voiceover story being told alongside the performance, which was quite unlike the Punch and Judy screams a Western audience might be used to.

There are several types of voiceover performance, but reading commercial script or bringing a character to life for a video game are the most common. Regardless of performance, the most important element is the audience shouldn’t realise that the voice actor is actually acting! A voice actor like Richard Di Britannia is able to breathe life into words written by someone else, leaving the audience with a feeling of trust in the product and that’s what’s important. Your client should feel as if they can connect with their audience and that the voice narrating the script truly believes in the product. Contact him today and let his voice guide your customers towards engaging with your new marketing strategy.

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