Why Skype Voice Coaching is here to stay.

Before the lock-down, face-to-face coaching was preferred for many businesses and clients. I’ve known coaches who insisted that teaching remotely simply wasn’t possible! However, this isn’t the case and here’s why voice and speech coaching through Skype is hear to stay.

Coaching in person can often be quite intense, especially if we are meeting in a new location. In a new location, your body can be put into a state of anxiety when entering a new space. Perhaps you’re hungry, thirsty or simply need to use the loo. Add all this together and it could result in a subconscious influence upon your practice that day.

Skype voice and speech coaching is different.

You’re at home in a comfortable environment, perhaps with a pet in your lap and a drink on your desk. You have all the equipment you need on the screen and the only scary bit is talking to a web-camera. There’s nothing wrong with looking at the screen unless you’re delivering an important speech on a Zoom call.

Skype voice coaching also allows you to see yourself, something you can’t normally do! This is beneficial for a number of reasons, mainly it allows you to see your own facial movements. You could also record the session and re-play the start and end to listen to how you’ve improved. It puts you in control of the content in ways an in-person wouldn’t.

Skype speech coaching gives you control.

Furthermore, being able to see yourself on webcam allows you to get accustomed to your own body language. Of course, we can set up mirrors and camera’s in an in-person session, but you’ll always be more nervous with those versus a skype voice coaching session.

Nearly every client I’ve had and student I’ve taught for both voice acting and speech coaching has said the same thing. They prefer the accessibility of working from home rather than traveling. If you’re unsure of how to set up your PC for coaching, don’t worry, I can also help you with that too!

Professional speech coaching is affordable.

Get in touch for a Skype voice coaching lesson. It’s more affordable than you think, especially with the quick results. I’ve had many satisfied customers and you’ll even get a free textbook (written by me) with your first paid session!

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