Want to train your voice?

Ever wanted to become a voice actor or public speaker but just can’t afford the training?

Is your voice sabotaging your first impression by being weak, croaky or nasal?

Are people asking you to slow down or speak up when you talk?

Do you find your voice hurts after a short speech or are your opinions being ignored?

All of these factors are the results of poor speech habits which ‘Speak and Be Heard’ aims to remove from your vocal routine!

‘Speak and Be Heard’ contains a collection of 101 voice and breathing exercises suitable for beginner speakers to accomplished Toastmasters – all aimed at naturally improving your voice.

Written by voice actor and audiobook narrator Richard Di Britannia, the many exercises aim to help you speak with confidence and curate a warm, rich, natural voice that people enjoy listening to.

Richard Di Britannia - British English Voice Over - Speak and Be Heard

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