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A different kind of coach

Have you ever wished people would listen to your opinions, or just say ‘you’ve got a nice voice’?

Well all voices work on air, so to get a nice voice with strong communications skills that people listen to, you just need to know how use yours a little better!

My method of helping people reach their goal of getting a great voice is bit different. Most voice coaches make their student slog through hours of punishing exercises turning vibrant, natural accents into an old hierarchical relic of the past called ‘received pronunciation’. This usually involves having students repeating boring tongue twisters or old speeches – leaving them spending their days worried about slipping back into their native tongue when they get tired or too excited.

Is all that stress really necessary? I don’t think so.

Listen to any advertisement on the TV and you’ll hear a myriad of accents. I don’t believe you need trade your own rich, warm and musical dialect for an anachronism of the past. That’s why I’m a different kind of voice coach, because sometimes the traditional ways are only accepted because no-one tried leading students along a a path they made themselves.

Let me guide you along the journey to speak well with a great, memorable voice with strong communication skills, all whilst still keeping what makes your style unique!

About me

For over a decade Richard Di Britannia has worked as a voice actor for top global brands, institutions and organisations such as Mercedes-Benz, Amazon and the US Government. He’s also sold thousands of audiobooks; all beginning when he was rendered mute due to acid reflux and had to teach himself how to talk again.

Richard is also an expert communications coach and has created numerous strategies improving executive presentation, vocal confidence and public speaking skills for non-native speakers, private companies and industry leaders.

He’s also an international best-selling author on the topic of improving enunciation, building vocal strength and verbal fluency with his work ‘Speak and Be Heard: 101 Vocal Exercises for Voice Actors, Public Speakers and Professionals’.

Richard Di Britannia - British English Voice Over

Ask yourself

Is your voice sabotaging your first impression due to a slurred accent, by being weak, croaky or nasal?

Are you terrified of public speaking, speaking into the phone or a microphone?

Are people asking you to slow down or speak up when you talk?

Do you find your voice hurts after a short speech or are your opinions being ignored when speaking in groups?

Are you learning English and struggling to make certain sounds?


With lessons from me you’ll learn:

• Ways to empower yourself with three key concepts that create a great voice.

• How to identify weaknesses in your own voice and how to fix them.

• Exercises to rectify breathing problems and strengthen the muscles used when talking.

• How to deepen or heighten your voice.

• Routines to clearly vocalise all forty-four phonemes of the English language such as ‘st’, ‘th’, etc…

Or, if you struggle with a particular vocal sound, mouth shape or just have an anxiety when talking, please get in touch to discuss how I can help you become a better speaker.

Written Testimonials


Guy Harris:

Guy is one of the most in demand voice actors in the UK he recommends me!
Whatever weight I have in this business, I endorse this!”


Philip, W:

Richard’s skills and tuition are invaluable and a ‘must’ for anyone in an organisation that deals with people.


Arran, L:

Richard is a very rare find! His teaching goes above and beyond any other voice coach. He is super friendly and I quickly realised that he has endless knowledge and experience in the world of professional voiceovers and vocal training techniques. His training is bespoke and tailored to your exact needs. Within a few hours, my voice was transformed and Richard has now given me the ability and confidence to read anything in a rich, buttery smooth voice. I would happily recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking to improve their voice.


Eve, B:

Just finished my first session with Richard and can’t recommend highly enough!
Extremely professional and made me feel at ease from the outset. I am certain, that with the tools and guidance given by Richard, I will achieve my goal of public speaking confidently without the crippling fear and anxiety holding me back!


Yana, S:

You are in great hands with Richard! He is very professional and gets straight to the point. He immediately identified what I need to work on and gave very clear and informative advice and instructions.


Sandy, S:

Richard is very kind, thoughtful and thorough in accessing your current situation as well as a good listener and giving a thorough assessment using his tools & techniques, as well as supplying a thorough report based on his experience of you along with suggestions and other relevant information for you. I was amazed in the difference that I noticed even during our first session. Richard is calm, relaxed and not pushy and gives thorough instructions and feedback. I would highly recommend him and plan to do a few more sessions with him to achieve the results desired. I’m already on my way!


J. Hastings:

Richard is super polite and reliable. I enjoy my lessons with him. At my first lesson, he gave me a book wrote by himself to help me with my pronunciation and vocabulary. I highly recommend his book and lessons.


Lorraine, M:

Richard has exceeded expectations. He is astoundingly knowledgeable and warmly encouraging. He has been working with our two teenage girls to build confidence in speaking and voice control. He has a gift for breaking complicated technical information into easily digestible bits and he is always positive. The girls enjoy their lessons with him and have made noticeable and rapid progress.



Richard is a fantastic voice coach and he has completely changed how I perceive my voice to be! The lessons were tailored specifically to my needs and Richard is very quick to reply to any worries/questions I might have on my voiceover journey. Cannot praise him enough!

Rate for online lessons: £90 p/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons: £425
Rate for 10 hours of lessons: £800
50% discount available for payments made with Bitcoin (BTC)

For voice acting performance coaching having a ‘good’ voice isn’t enough. Character development is key! As I personally focus on commercial reads, my lessons focus on commercial copy rather than cartoon, animation or video game characters.

For voice coaching, all lessons are planned one week in advance and are specifically tailored to your needs and requests. Nevertheless, lessons are extremely flexible and the content is never set in stone. I recommend all learners to ask as many questions as they wish. However, I will not simply give you positive praise – this is not the way to improve!

A lesson with me will often cover resolving any major vocal issues, polishing your voice and then learning how to relax behind a microphone, script or an audience. I recommend all students have some improv or acting lessons beforehand to maximise their potential. Lessons may involve teaching you how to speak in a more fluent and conversational manner, others may draw from public speaking techniques and voiceover specific classes involve deconstructing example scripts. Most lessons work with my textbook which is given to you free of charge!

I also offer advice on setting up a suitable recording environment or answering questions relating to marketing and audition techniques for complete beginners. For advanced career and performance advice, I outline what has worked for myself and then recommend other experts who I have hired to improve my own skills. For business advice for established talent, I recommend the legendary Guy Harris & Philip Banks.

Finally, I do not produce demos as this is a specific skill which should be handled by an expert script writer, producer and mastering engineer. I am happy to recommend experts I have worked with previously.

Importantly: if any coach offers to secure you clients, get you representation or produce you a full demo reel when you have just started, it’s a scam, run away!

I am available 10am to 6pm seven days a week (depending on workload).

Lessons are taught via Skype. No screen sharing is required, but a webcam and an external microphone is advised to aid with enunciation exercises.

I am not a speech language pathologist.

I am neither medically qualified nor have my methods been peer reviewed (but I welcome them to be tested).

I strongly recommend individuals with a vocal disability or who have undergone vocal surgery to consult a medically certified speech language pathologist.

I fully understand if you have to cancel last minute, therefore there are no cancellation fees if you give me at least 24 hours notice!

If you have to cancel on the same day, I respectfully ask you contribute a small sum to cover my expenses in rescheduling.

Payments made in cryptocurrencies cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

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